Ver Angola


Government extends to 9 November the deadline for candidacies for privatization of industries

The Institute for the Management of State Assets and Participations (IGAPE) decided to extend to 9 November the deadline for submitting proposals for the tender for the privatization of industrial units in the Special Economic Zone (ZEE).


The third wave of privatization of ZEE industrial units, located in the municipality of Viana, south of Luanda, whose deadline for submitting candidacies was initially set for the 25th of this month, comprises 16 industries.

IGAPE, in a press release, states that the reference period is now extended until November 9, 2021, with bidders being able to deliver their physical proposals at the institution's premises or by electronic means.

According to the public institution, the negotiation commission for the privatization of the referred industrial units will carry out, on November 10th, the public act of opening of the proposals in a virtual form through the 'zoom' platform.

The industrial units to be privatized at this stage are in the civil construction, electrical, textile and food sectors.

The Government's Privatization Program (ProPriv) comprises the privatization of various assets and/or State companies in the transport, telecommunications, banking, insurance, industry, agro-industrial, and other sectors.