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What does a person who wants to work in corporate communications need to have?

Valdemar Vieira Dias

CEO of VALMONTEIRO, entrepreneur, specialist in Digital Marketing, Computer Engineer and columnist

Is it the intention of the dear reader to work with corporate communications? Do you think it is an interesting area?


In general, corporate communication around the world has become increasingly stronger. And Angola is no exception. The pandemic (COVID 19), as in other areas of activity and knowledge, revolutionized the "modus operandi" in a brutal way. Many topics became urgent, employees became more committed, and sensitivity to health and well-being topics, among others, increased. Well done!

For each area of activity or knowledge, people need to have certain skills or abilities. It is essential for the proper functioning of the area or performance of the activities in charge of these people.

Of course, there are other "several" skills or abilities that range from Academic Training, Interpersonal Communication, Strategic Vision, General Knowledge, etc. However, for this article, I intend to convey the essential skills related to the behavioral side, which companies value in a person eager to work as a corporate communications professional.

Empathy is the first skill I highlight, it has to do with the ability to put yourself in another person's shoes, sharing their feelings. Communication is made for "real" people and if carried out with clarity and empathy, it makes employees feel safe, proud and respected by the organization, and this increases productivity, as well as talent retention.

The second skill I highlight is the ability to listen. Anyone who wants to work with corporate communications needs to have active listening as one of their main skills. Listening to what employees or the general public have to say is fundamental to understanding their interests, regardless of hierarchical or social levels. It allows you to strengthen the relationship, making communication more humanized, close and effective.

A self-confident team is capable of great achievements. Certainly, a team made up of employees with self-confidence is more productive, more engaged, and consequently with superior performance when compared to those made up of employees without this developed skill. Self-confidence, as the third skill to highlight, in the organizational environment, refers to the certainty that the employee has in their skills such as the ability to make decisions, create solutions, as well as the importance of their participation in the team's results.

Time Management is the fourth and final skill I highlight, which because it is "last" is no less important than those mentioned above. This skill is essential for managing all requests or activities in the area, or even others, according to interests. People who can manage time efficiently are recognized for their ability to produce. It is very important to discover the best way to organize your time and routines, so that the work flows and that at the end of the day it actually impacts what should be done.

In short, the practice or development of these skills is quite challenging and brings great benefits such as promoting an excellent cultural environment that can lead the organization to achieve excellent results.

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Valdemar Vieira Dias

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