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MPLA deputies promise to “deconstruct” the idea that they only seek perks

MPLA deputies promised this Tuesday “to show more work” during the new legislature that begins, after the elections, and to “deconstruct the idea” that they are only in the National Assembly in search of perks.


Milonga Bernardo, deputy who makes his debut in parliament for the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), expressed gratitude for being on the list of 124 MPs elected by the MPLA in the August 24 elections.

"We express a feeling of gratitude for the trust that the party has placed in us, a feeling of gratitude to the Angolan people for having been elected, it is clear that there is also a feeling of great responsibility", said Bernardo.

Speaking in the main hall of the National Assembly, where he participated in the process of welcoming the deputies of the fifth legislature, he admitted that his party will have a lot of work ahead of it during the legislature.

The freshman deputy, who assumed he was getting used to the process, "which is all new", also guaranteed greater contact with the voting citizen in order to "deconstruct the idea that the parliamentarian is only here for the benefits".

"On the other hand, it is necessary to show that in addition to what is the tip of what is seen, which are eventually the benefits, there is work that is done and that must be publicized and there is an intention to materialize greater contact with the citizen, [this] is important," he noted.

He also considered that there is a life beyond deputy and that politics is just a mission, reaffirming the need to deconstruct the idea that deputies go to parliament only in search of perks and accommodation.

"There is a life beyond politics, which is just a mission, but it is also necessary to deconstruct it, because eventually I as a citizen will have already taken this approach, looking at what you see that are the perks. But have we stopped to think how much time politicians end up not spending for their families in fulfilling the mission?" he questioned.

The process of welcoming deputies from the fifth legislature of parliament began in the morning at the institution's headquarters, where elected deputies register.

Vicente Pinto de Andrade, MPLA deputy, also participated in the process and said that his party will continue to contribute to consolidating the actions developed in the previous legislature, above all to improve the lives of the populations.

"I walked around the country and saw that there were changes, but we still need to continue to improve the living conditions of the populations, because there are still many poor and needy people," he said.

For the deputy of the "comrades" party, who is in the second parliamentary term, he also refuted criticisms about the "ineffectiveness" of deputies in the National Assembly, noting that in the last five years a lot of work has been developed.

"I happen to sometimes hear references to deputies, and sometimes they are people who apparently should be informed, saying that deputies do nothing, but I am one of those deputies who during those five years had almost no time for family", he argued.

"We have carried out a profound work, perhaps we have not publicly shown what we have been doing, over the last legislature, I believe that in the next five years we will show more of the work that has been done and that will be done", he promised.

The process of welcoming and initiating the deputies, which runs until Wednesday, has been completed mostly by MPLA deputies, with a large part of the deputies elected in the opposition, especially from the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), still did not attend.

At the entrance, they take a picture, then fill in a form, being given a 'login' (access) and institutional 'e-mail', a deputy's card and at the end they receive a 'kit' containing the legislation and basic parliamentary information.

The Constitutional Court proclaimed the MPLA and its candidate, João Lourenço, as winners with 51.17 percent of the votes, followed by UNITA with 43.95 percent.

With these results, the MPLA elected 124 deputies and UNITA 90 deputies, almost double the 2017 elections.

In view of the electoral results, the MPLA must also appoint two vice-presidents and two secretaries of the National Assembly's table and in the same proportion UNITA.

The Social Renewal Party (PRS), the National Front for the Total Independence of Angola (FNLA) and the debuting Humanist Party of Angola (PHA) each elect two deputies.

CASA-CE, the National Patriotic Alliance (APN) and P-Njango did not obtain seats in the National Assembly, which in the 2022-2027 legislature will have 220 deputies.

João Lourenço, re-elected President for the next five years, takes office on Thursday, followed by the elected deputies.


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