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UNITA denounces threats and calls for authorities to intervene

UNITA's provincial secretary in Luanda, Nelito Ekuikui, accused the MPLA of releasing a list of “targets to shoot down” and challenged the regime to “actually kill” instead of making threats.


The deputy also published on his social networks a video urging the authorities - from the President of the Republic, defense and security bodies, the Attorney General's Office and the head of the intelligence services, General Garcia Miala - to act, in the face of threats to the physical integrity to figures linked to the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) since the elections.

As Nelito Ekuikui told Lusa, who attributes the dissemination of threats in Whatsapp groups to the information and propaganda department of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), the police have already been contacted, but were skeptical about an intervention by the authorities: "They won't do anything".

Contacted by Lusa, the secretary for Information and Propaganda of the Political Bureau of the MPLA Central Committee, Rui Falcão, denied that the party was involved in the incident, stressing that it "is not reviewed and has nothing to do with this ignoble behavior only possible by be adopted by paid criminals".

And he counterattacked UNITA, which, according to him, is following a strategy: "That's why they hired former Israeli secret agents. Those who have been encouraging UNITA militants for insurrection actions are their sponsors", he declared. to Lusa.

The poster circulating on social media features several figures linked to UNITA, including the president, Adalberto Costa Júnior, Nelito Ekuikui, General Abílio Kamalata Numa and activists Osvaldo Kaholo, Dito Dali and Gangsta, with the title "Attention authorities" .

"In case of instability in the country, as a result of the elections, these should be the first to be killed", says the poster, in red letters, which has been shared along with a list of addresses, including family members of UNITA leaders, who Nelito Ekuikui claimed to be true.

"I'm very calm and serene, I'm not a man who lets himself be threatened, I'm not a man who lets himself be beaten down and shaken", said the UNITA official. The authorities, "who should watch over our safety", are "constantly threatening us", he lamented, adding: "The right thing is to kill, even because they know our houses".

"Come kill and then have a funeral, it's easier, instead of constantly threatening, if our blood is so important to stay in power, outside the will of the people, then come kill instead of intimidating people" , challenged, during a live broadcast on Facebook, guaranteeing: "I will not flee the country".

Lusa contacted the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC), but it was not possible to obtain a response so far.

"Just as when someone attacks the President of the Republic, an organ of sovereignty, you react, I am waiting for this wave of threats to people to stop. They went too far if they want to kill me, kill me, but don't involve my children", said Nelito Ekuikui, addressing the Attorney General of the Republic, the Minister of the Interior, the President of the Republic and General Garcia Miala.

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