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Count of Mudei civic movement points to technical tie between MPLA and UNITA

The civic movement Mudei released this Friday its parallel count of the election results, which points to a technical tie between the MPLA and UNITA, both with 48 percent of the vote.

: Paulo Novais/Lusa
Paulo Novais/Lusa  

The scrutiny was based on the counting of 437,651 votes, distributed among 13,226 polling stations, of which 628 (4.75 percent) were scrutinized, distributed proportionally across the 18 provinces to obtain a representative sample.

In the projection presented at a press conference, only 422 votes separate the leader of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Adalberto da Costa Júnior, from the MPLA president and re-candidate for President of the Republic, João Lourenço, with 205,252 votes attributed to the "little brothers" against 204,830 in the "comrades" party.

"We cannot say that the results favored candidate A or candidate B, there is no such advantage, there is a tie of 48 percent, there is a small advantage that is not enough for us to take a position, except for being able to question the official data", underlined activist and 'rapper' Luaty Beirão.

On Monday, the National Electoral Commission (CNE) announced the final results with a victory, with an absolute majority, for the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), with 51.17 percent, a result contested by UNITA, which obtained 43.95 percent.

The objective was to reach 500,000 votes counted, an objective not yet reached "because minutes from other provinces are needed, so that the sample is representative and balanced", explained Luaty Beirão.

"Many of the minutes, contrary to what the law stipulates, were not posted, which truncated our ability to go further, but we will continue as long as there is a dispute as long as we have more minutes, so that the 164 municipalities are represented in a proportionate and for the sampling to be representative", he stressed.

Luaty Beirão considered that the CNE "disrespected and ran over all possible laws" by not posting the minutes in all polling stations and noted that "UNITA has an increased responsibility towards society", since it has access to these documents, through of list delegates.

"They are doing a parallel count, it is not a projection and yesterday they made a very strong announcement that they will ask for the challenge of the entire process. It is very important that they present the data and proportions of their counts", declared the coordinator of Mudei .

Luaty Beirão defended that "if the official result is doubtful" there should be a confrontation of the minutes.

"We voters are all we want, we want to be sure of the reliability of the results presented by the official body, hence we ask for the minutes to be published", he said.

Mudei also presented its public position on the electoral act in Angola, stating "categorically that the general elections of August 24, 2022, were neither fair nor transparent and resulted in the perversion of the principles that should govern a truly democratic and right".


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