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Elections: UNITA asks for annulment of suffrage in litigation with the Constitutional Court

UNITA filed an electoral dispute with the Constitutional Court (TC), asking for the annulment of the August 24 general elections, in which the MPLA was declared the winner, pointing out "several illegalities" in the process.


A source close to the direction of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) told Lusa that in the request for annulment of the elections, sent to the TC, "several complaints were listed, which amount to illegalities", recorded throughout the the electoral process.

"Then we complained about the entire procedure that the National Electoral Commission [CNE] had throughout the electoral process, the illegalities, namely the issue of not complying with the Organic Law on General Elections", explained the source.

The fact that the president of the CNE "approved several regulations after the general elections were called, which according to the law could no longer pass any electoral legislation", is also included in the issues listed in the petition.

"[The president of the CNE] approved several regulations that in a way even contradicted the law on general elections", he stressed.

On the other hand, he added: "The issues related to the tabulation, the impossibility of our representative to present the complaint to the CNE itself, all of this was listed and the cancellation of the elections is even requested".

According to the Organic Law on General Elections, the request to file a contentious appeal with the TC must include the respective allegations, containing their respective grounds and conclusions, be accompanied by all documents and contain an indication of the other evidence.

The law establishes that the TC must order the notification of the interested parties so that, if they wish, they can make a statement against allegations within 72 hours, and the plenary of the judicial body decides, definitively, within 72 hours, counting from the end of the deadline for filing counterclaims.

The president of the CNE, Manuel Pereira da Silva, released on Monday the final tabulation minutes of the August 24 general elections, which proclaimed the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and its candidate, João Lourenço, as winners. with 51.17 percent of the votes, followed by UNITA with 43.95 percent.

With these results, the MPLA elected 124 deputies and UNITA elected 90 deputies, almost double the 2017 elections.

The Social Renewal Party (PRS) won two seats in parliament with 1.14 percent of voters' votes, and the same number of deputies won the National Liberation Front of Angola (FNLA) and the Humanist Party of Angola (PHA). ) with 1.06 and 1.02 percent of votes, respectively.

The CASA-CE coalition, the APN and the P-Njango did not obtain seats in the National Assembly, which in the 2022-2027 legislature will have 220 deputies.


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