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Trade intensifies with the lifting of the sanitary fence in the capital

In recent days, trade in the capital has been intensifying as a result of the lifting of the sanitary fence. With no limitations to move across borders, the entry and exit of goods and people has grown significantly.


Without the sanitary fence, which 'isolated' the capital for about a year and a half, several producers, vendors, merchants, among other citizens, have been trying to revive their businesses.

According to Angop, some people use their own means to transport their products, but most of them prefer to use the inter-provincial transports.

Some people, in statements to the news agency, complained that the prices applied by carriers are a little higher than expected, but that does not deter passengers from using them in order to gradually recover the losses caused by the limitations imposed.

Vegetables, fruits, and cereals are at the top of the list of products that most circulate to and from the capital.

Venâncio Manuel, a specialist in business management, considered that the end of the sanitary fence has reinvigorated the national economic recovery.

Speaking to Angop, the official said that the opening of the capital "represents a hope for the population, and means a faster return of purchasing power".

Although there are still some restrictive measures, such as the use of mask, physical distancing and presentation of vaccine card to travel in the country, the population says "breath of relief" with the lifting of the sanitary fence.

This is the case of Amélia Mateus, a vendor at the 30 Market, in Viana. According to Angop, the vendor said that she took advantage of the opening of the borders to go to Malanje to acquire more products to sell and considered that the end of the sanitary fence will help small traders as well as reduce prices.

The reduction of prices seems to be already being felt. Eunice Carvalho, a customer at the Mercado do 30, says that with the increase in the supply of products we can already see a decrease in the prices charged.

The end of the sanitary fence has also allowed the transport sector to gradually resume its activity.

Recall that the sanitary fence in Luanda was lifted last September 1.