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Afrobasket: Angolans beat Cape Verde and face Mali towards the half of the competition

The women's national team emerged victorious from the confrontation with Cape Verde, stamping the result in an expressive 82-65 and thus guaranteeing the passage to the quarter-finals of the competition. The next match will be this Thursday, against the Mali team. If they win, the Angolans guarantee a place in the semifinals of the Afrobasket, which takes place in Cameroon.


Angola came strong in this Wednesday's game, ending the first period winning by 28-7. In the next quarter, the Cape Verdean team recovered (44-31), but the Angolans never let their advantage in the marker run away. After the break they increased the punctual distance again: 65-49 at the end of the third period. The fourth and last period, although balanced, dictated the victory of the national team by a difference of 17 points (82-65).

The path in the Afrobasket competition thus remains open, with the national team facing Mali this Thursday, in the semi-finals. The game is scheduled for 20:00.

Walter Costa, coach of the national team, should enter the field with his best 'five': Italee Lucas (base), Ana Gonçalves (winger), Rosa Gala (base winger), Avelina Peso (wingback) and Cristina Matiquite (post).

The objective is none other than the qualification for the next phase, which would automatically dictate an improvement of the fifth place obtained in the previous edition of the competition.

The quarter-final dispute starts in the morning (11:00 am), with the defending champions Nigeria facing Ivory Coast. This is followed by the duel between Senegal and Mozambique (14:00) and the confrontation between Cameroon and Egypt (17:00). In the last match of the day, Angola will then face Mali, at 20:00.