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Eugénio Laborinho wants promotions and housing for police officers

The Interior Minister said this Monday, in Luanda, that the Government is committed to improving the living conditions of police officers, either through promotions or through the delivery of housing, despite the financial difficulties.


Eugénio Laborinho, who was speaking at the opening of the Extended Consultative Council of the Ministry of the Interior (Minint), underlined that the success of any organization depends on the good performance of its staff, a desideratum that must be ensured by the employer, creating better working conditions.

"Aware of this, the Ministry of Interior management has been doing everything to improve the social conditions of the workers. This is how, among other actions, we are going to deliver, soon, the houses of the Condominium Jóias do Camama, built by Caixa de Minint's Social Protection", he referred.

The incumbent of the Interior Ministry recognized that residences are not enough for everyone, but it is necessary to make efforts in this direction, to gradually resolve the housing problem of staff, "which is one of the great concerns" of the President João Lourenço.

"The process of building homes is ongoing, despite the economic crisis that the country is facing, aggravated by the covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the staff who are not graced at this stage must remain calm," he appealed.

Eugénio Laborinho added that the ministry's management has been promoting its staff, within the scope of the post-function readjustment process, as it understands that "career progression is one of the ways to motivate those who give their best for safety's sake. public, sacrificing themselves and their families".

"Another aspect that has deserved our attention, despite the financial difficulties, is the gradual promotion of our staff, especially those who have held the same rank for over 10 years," he said.

"Still in this chapter, it is important to bet on the quality and capacity of our staff, giving opportunities to those who are in better conditions to occupy positions of command and leadership, without forgetting the issue of gender, as we are in a country where there are more women in the than men," he stressed.

Also regarding the internal situation in the ministry, Eugénio Laborinho recalled that the National Police is the largest organ of the Ministry of the Interior and the most visible face of the institution, so "it must always work to maintain its image and good name , conquered over the years".

"The act of expulsion of troops you carried out recently should be understood as a sign of rigor and demand of a reputable organization, which does not condone unseemly behavior," he said, referring to the recent expulsion of ten troops for extortion.

"Corruption or the phenomenon of 'gasose', embezzlement, nepotism and other harmful practices must be prevented and fought, not only in the National Police, but within all the bodies of the Minint", he stressed.

Angola will hold general elections in 2022, in this sense, Eugénio Laborinho urged the public security forces to prepare themselves to effectively ensure the electoral process, a task that will begin in the next few days with the start of electoral registration.

"We must do everything to ensure that the electoral registration and general elections run smoothly, in an orderly, exemplary and calm manner", he said, calling on all political actors to respect the principles enshrined in the Constitution and in the Law, regardless of the color and party affiliation.