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Airport in Congo Brazzaville baptized with the name of Agostinho Neto

The airport in Ponta-Negra, Congo Brazzaville, was named after a new name this Thursday. According to the Angolan Embassy in that country, the airport was named after António Agostinho Neto, the first Angolan President.


In the baptism ceremony and revelation of the bust of Agostinho Neto, that elapsed in the now International Airport Doctor António Agostinho Neto, had been present Dieudonné Moungou, minister of Culture and Arts of the Congo, and Fatima Viegas, secretary for the Social Area of the President of the Republic of Angola.

In the occasion, the Congolese minister, cited for the Periodical of Angola, disclosed that the Government of its country sees Agostinho Neto as a reference politics and moral of the contemporary times.

The figure of the first president of Angola surpasses borders and, therefore, it must be remembered and celebrated by all, he affirmed.

This baptism "is a homage to the great Angolan leader, one of the biggest symbols of the fight for freedom, equality and human rights. It is also a tribute to the African continent", he underlined.

Fátima Viegas took the opportunity to thank the President and the Government of that country, as well as the authorities of the city of Ponta-Negra for the homage made to the first President of Angola.

"Agostinho Neto and his men were welcomed in the Congo" in the 60s, after being expelled from the current Democratic Republic of Congo, he recalled.

The support given by the Congolese, in the past, Agostinho Neto helped to liberate Angola, he affirmed, making with that currently the two countries develop excellent relations.