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Country advances towards the "Angolanization" of the oil sector with the signing of program contracts

The process of increasing national participation in the oil sector took another step with the signing of program contracts with seven Angolan oil companies, out of a total of 1540 registered companies.


When signing the said contracts, the Secretary of State for Mineral Resources, Jânio Correia Victor, said that of the 1,540 Angolan companies, two are operators, stressing that the process of Angolanization of the sector is above 87 percent and that the growing trend, due to investments made in training people.

"For better monitoring and control, the Integrated System for the Angolanization of the Oil Sector was created", said Jânio Correia Victor, also noting that in terms of management positions at international companies operating in Angola, that is, "for management and leadership, in the period between 2018 and 2022, there was a filling of about 65 percent of Angolans".

The official stressed that "the path is still long" to achieve the desired goal and this is "the first act that aims to mark another important step towards the effective implementation of Presidential Decree 271/20, of 20 October, which is the diploma legal status of local content in the country".

"By carrying out this act, we are convinced that we will close the cycle of Angolanization, since all national and foreign companies will be obliged to present to the ministry and the National Oil and Gas Agency, as established by the legal instruments in force, their plans of recruitment, training, integration and development of the national workforce," he added.

In turn, the national director of Training and Local Content of the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, Domingos Francisco, noted that program contracts were only signed with international operators and service providers, in accordance with decree-law n. 17/09, of 26 June, diploma governing Angolanization.

Domingos Francisco referred that the number of national companies exceeds the 1540 already registered, this number being updated, noting that the process of signing program contracts will continue with the remaining companies.

"We continue to support the sector, which is why decree-law 17/09 establishes rules and at the same time generates a fund, the training fund that is shared between the ministry and the companies that have the task of developing their human capital ", he advanced.

Presidential Decree n.º 271/20 aims to preserve the national interest in the oil and gas sector, that is, the integration of the Angolan business community, the obligation to hire Angolan labor, the promotion of 'made in Angola', for the production of equipment.

In the program-contract, companies are obliged to provide information about their personnel, namely the recruitment process, their integration and the time since their staff has been established in the sector.

On behalf of the companies, the general director of TECSEP, Noa Paulo, appealed to the authorities for support for the training of staff, adding that he is in possession of a project in that sense, which he launched to the State institutions, but without success.

"We spoke with all the State institutions, we thought at the time that they could support. Everyone liked the project, but so far the project has not come out", said the businessman, stressing that initially it would be an investment of US$23 million.

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