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João Lourenço says he had the courage to fight corruption

MPLA presidential candidate João Lourenço returned this Thursday to corruption as the central point of his speech, praising the "strong" who had the courage to fight this problem, unlike those who believed in the party's self-destruction.


João Lourenço, leader of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and who is re-candidate for a new term as President of the Republic, spoke in the province where he was born, Benguela, where he presented the main lines of the government's program and its achievements in the current term, which is about to end.

He insisted on the courage to have fought corruption in a speech full of messages to opponents of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), which he did not name, but said they rubbed "their hands with joy" when he decided to fight this crime.

"Look, the self-destruction of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola began, they thought, wrongly. Did they think that the more than three million MPLA militants were corrupt? Is that possible, is it credible, are the three million or more corrupt?", questioned his supporters, during a rally as part of the election campaign.

"Some are corrupt, we cannot be considered all of us, otherwise we would not have the courage to correct and fight corruption", he stressed.

"They saw the determination with which the fight against corruption was started and they clapped their hands, although outside they say it is a farce and that they are not fighting corruption, as if they were... Because they also have corrupt people in their midst and do nothing," he accused.

On the contrary, João Lourenço said: "We came out much stronger because we had the courage to take the necessary measures, to say 'enough is enough', we did it".

The MPLA leader once again appealed for the vote number 8, a position that the party occupies in the ballot where there are eight party choices, and which runs for continuity to reassure the Government that it has dominated since independence in 1975.

"We are power, the others are not power, and because we are power we have work to present, to show and this work is of great dimension", he stressed, praising the executive who has done "a lot" for Angola and the angolans.

He also welcomed the holding of ecumenical services in favor of the elections, praising the churches and civil society: "True civil society, not those lumpenes, not those bandits they call civil society - they do have a patriotism" so that the general elections take place in a climate of peace and stability.

Angola will vote on August 24 to choose a new President of the Republic and new representatives in the National Assembly.


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