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UNITA says it is confident in the “unassailable” victory and asks the MPLA to accept results

UNITA said this Tuesday that it is “secure in its irrevocable victory” in the elections, asking the MPLA candidate to “accept the electoral results” and refusing any possibility of returning to war in the country.


According to the director-general of the electoral campaign of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Lukamba Paulo "Gato", "no one else has any doubts that this year's electoral victory cannot escape Adalberto Costa Júnior and UNITA" .

"In this context, an electoral force, like ours, which is sure of its irrevocable victory, is not interested in creating an environment of destabilization in the country", he stressed.

"The disturbance of order is only of interest to the regime, which, given the certainty of its defeat at the polls, is obviously not interested in the electoral process being transparent and fair and ending in a celebration of democracy and alternation", he shot.

UNITA also accused the regime, supported by the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), of "wanting to maintain its hegemonic power at all costs and has not been prepared to accept and conform to the will of the majority of Angolans", expressed in electoral truth".

MPLA leader João Lourenço said his party would "accept and respect" the results of the August 24 elections and urged all contestants to do the same.

The President and head of the MPLA's list for the general elections considered, last week, that the "provisional and then the definitive results of the August 24 general elections, whatever those may be, must be respected by the candidates".

The political parties that compete in the elections, "by this simple fact, assume the commitment to defend peace and stability, the Constitution and the law and to accept the electoral results after being announced by the competent entity".

The competent entity is the National Electoral Commission (CNE), he stressed, to announce the provisional results and then the definitive ones and "whatever these results are must be respected by the candidates, whether they are favorable to each party or not".

"All of us competitors have an obligation to accept the electoral results", exhorted João Lourenço, during a political act, within the scope of the electoral campaign, which took place in the city of Ndalatando, Kwanza Norte province.

For Lukamba Paulo, "there are many facts" that point to "a growing tension within the regime", supporting his statement with alleged "threats" from General Francisco Pereira Furtado, Minister of State and head of the President's Military House, the voice of the CNE and recent statements by the MPLA secretary for electoral matters.

"It is important to emphasize here today that, in our country, there are currently no material possibilities or political and psychological conditions to talk about war as the usual commentators of the system lightly do", he stressed.

"So, this threat is not the return to war, but the production of acts of violence against defenseless citizens", stressed the UNITA politician.

The UNITA deputy, who was speaking at a press conference on the balance of the electoral campaign, recalled João Lourenço's appeals about the acceptance of the CNE results by all competing parties, asking that the latter also "accept the electoral results of the polls".

"And don't try to manufacture results that are strange to the will of the voting citizens", he shot.

The "maninhos" politician also appealed for them to "respect the Constitution and the law, leaving, from the outset, to interfere in the CNE, which is defined by the Constitution as an independent body".

According to Lukamba Paulo, Angola is in a situation where the population has reached a degree of recurrent saturation of living conditions and the citizen has found an alternative leadership in his party.

Asked by Lusa about what UNITA's position will be if it doesn't win the August 24 elections, the politician replied: "If the result is not this, surely, depending on the whole set of data obtained, there will be a thorough assessment and take the position that is required".

The director-general of research and analysis of the UNITA electoral campaign, Álvaro Nuno Dala, said, on the occasion, that UNITA has led, since December 2021, the voting intentions of citizens with an average of 56.2 percent compared to to its main opponent.

Eight political forces, seven parties and a coalition of parties are running in the fifth general election scheduled for next week.

At least 14 million voters, residing in Angola and abroad, are registered to exercise their right to vote.


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