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UNITA has 48 hours to introduce new list delegates abroad

The National Electoral Commission (CNE) gave UNITA a period of 48 hours to replace its list delegates abroad for not appearing in the electoral register of those constituencies.


The decision was taken at the end of the CNE extraordinary plenary meeting on Monday night.

According to CNE spokesman Lucas Quilundo, the situation of list delegates abroad was one of the points analyzed, having found that those of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), one of eight candidates in the elections of 24 August, were not in accordance with the regulations, as they will be "placed to exercise their right to vote at tables in the interior of Angola".

Lucas Quilundo added that to be a delegate on the list abroad, it is not enough to be a resident, but it is also necessary to be registered in the respective district.

"In other words, if someone is resident in South Africa or Portugal, to be a list delegate, they must have updated their voter registration in Portugal. If they are going to be a list delegate in Porto, Cape Town or Pretoria , in addition to residing, you must have updated", he pointed out.

The CNE has therefore decided to grant UNITA 48 hours so that it can replace these list delegates with others that comply with the regulation.

The formal act of handing over the credentials of the delegates on the list of the eight competing political formations took place on the 10th of August, with 276,641 credentials having been delivered to the representatives.

The Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) received 52,517 credentials, followed by UNITA, 51,620 delegates on the list; the FNLA, with 34,331; CASA-CE, with 33,221; the APN, with 29,970; the PRS, with 29,534; the PHA, with 28,580 and the P-NJANGO party, with 16,868 registered delegates.

The list delegates are the electoral agents responsible for supervising the entire voting process, with the right to assist in the opening and closing of the polls, counting the votes, drawing up and signing the minutes and the right to obtain a copy of the minutes, as part of the process of scrutiny.


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