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Transportation in the capital has 71 more buses

Public transport in the capital received a reinforcement: as of this Monday, Luanda has 71 more buses. The vehicles will serve to improve mobility and thus respond to the changes that the capital has been registering.


Regarding the new buses, which will be delivered by the Ministry of Transportation to the Provincial Government of Luanda, the people of Luanda say that they hope that these will facilitate the circulation and fight the enormous lines that have been registered at the bus stops.

This is the case of Armando Manuel, who lives in Viana and works in Maianga. The resident, speaking to Jornal de Angola, said that the bus is his main means of transportation and considered that riding public transportation in the capital is almost a mission impossible.

"Catching a bus in Luanda is a tremendous difficulty, for me that leave Viana, a very populated municipality, it is chaos. In order to arrive early to the place of service we have to leave home many hours in advance and even then we run the risk of arriving dirty because it is so difficult to catch buses in the city," he said.

However, Armando Manuel was hopeful with the arrival of the 71 new buses. The resident considered that these vehicles are an advantage, hoping that the circulation will be improved.

Gersona Muacassanje, a resident of Zango 2, also shares the same opinion: the 24 year old said that she uses public transport every day and indicated that the difficulties registered in the mobility of the capital are not new.

"In Luanda, the problem of catching buses is old, there are no easy days, even on weekends it is difficult and very complicated, there are few buses circulating, which makes us stay many hours at the bus stops waiting", she explained, in statements to Jornal de Angola.

She also considered that the fact that pregnant women and mothers with babies are not given priority creates disorganization, but she was satisfied with the arrival of the new buses, hoping that the waiting hours will be reduced.

Another citizen, Alberto Varanda (who lives in Ramiros) called public transportation in the capital expensive and inefficient, even though he uses it frequently.

He also criticized the fact that buses do not reach all parts of the province, and that the physical distance is not met.