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US will support the fight against animal trafficking in Angola

The ambassador of the United States of America (USA) in Angola, Nina Fite, informed that her country will support Angola in the fight against animal trafficking.


"The United States of America will support the Angolan government in the sector of sustainable tourism and the fight against animal trafficking as part of the Okavango-Zambezi project," said a statement published on the government website.

Speaking at the end of a meeting with the President, Joao Lourenço, the ambassador said that the US will "increase in Angola the number of foundations that support the environment.

Nina Fite also made it known that, currently, the USA is helping Angola "in the capacity building for protection" of its area as well as to fight against the "trafficking of animals in danger of extinction and against poaching.

The Okavango-Zambezi is a tourist project in Southern Africa, which comprises a total area of 278,000 square kilometers, 87,000 of which belong to Angola.