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Garbage containers finally arrive on the streets of the municipalities of Luanda

The process of operationalizing the collection and cleaning of solid waste in Luanda is underway with the participation of eight operators.


In a statement that VerAngola had access to, the Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL) said that "it is focused on optimizing the means of collection, including containers". In this way, and with the support of the state, Elisal is carrying out an effort to optimize the means of collection, including containers with 1100 cubic meters for all municipalities.

Participating in the action, Governor Ana Paula de Carvalho delivered 450 containers to the municipality of Viana, thus benefiting Vila Sede, Vila Pacífica and Zango 5.

According to the director of operations at Elisal, Armando Gouveia, the programme, which began in the second half of July, will cover the entire province of Luanda, according to the distribution schedule.

The official also referred that the allocation of containers along the areas where the drainage ditches are located is the responsibility of the operators.

According to the schedule, the containers to the municipalities will be distributed as follows: Belas will receive 350, to be placed in the Kilamba and KK 5000 centralities; Talatona will receive 200, for Lar do Patriota and Talatona; Cacuaco 130 containers, for the Sequele Centrality; Kilamba Kiaxi, 172, for the urban district of Nova Vida; Luanda will receive 471 containers, which will benefit Ingombota, Maianga, Rangel, Samba and Sambizanga; Cazenga will receive 147 containers for the Marconi and Reconversion Center; Icolo e Bengo will receive 91 containers for the Vila Headquarters and Centrality of KM 44.