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China City with estimated losses of about 1 billion kwanzas due to covid-19

The City of China, Luanda's commercial complex, is expected to record losses of around one billion kwanzas in 2020 since the beginning of covid-19 in the country, the institution's president, Jack Huang announced this Monday.

: Ampe Rogério/Lusa
Ampe Rogério/Lusa  

The commercial complex, located in the municipality of Viana, already reopened, was under sanitary fence between 21 and 25 July after notifying two positive cases of covid-19 in Chinese citizens.

According to the chairman of the board of the City of China, who was speaking this Monday in a press conference, the losses are still accounted for, but believes in the resumption of activities.

The City of China has over 300 stores, under management of Angolans, Chinese, Americans, Portuguese, Indians, Turks, Lebanese, among others.

He assured that since the outbreak of the pandemic in Angola, the shopping centre has always prioritized the public health and safety of more than 4000 Angolan workers and has actively responded to the authorities' guidelines.

"And it has continuously reinforced resources in prevention and combat and, even in difficulties, the City of China has safeguarded all jobs for Angolans and continues to pay wages on time," he said.

After recording the two positive cases of covid-19, the management of the commercial complex, attended daily by thousands of people, imposed strict control measures on customers and vehicles that go there.

Without advancing the amount, Jack Huang said that the commercial area created a special fund to prevent and combat the pandemic to support the Government in actions to prevent covid-19, having already supported several public institutions.

The special fund has benefited the Viana municipal administration, the governments of Luanda and Kwanza Norte provinces, the Migration and Foreigners Service, the Viana police command and the Multi-sector Commission for Prevention and Fight against covid-19.

On that occasion, the City of China administration delivered 1,000 bags of maize flour to the municipal administration to help the neediest people and the amount of 5 million kwanzas.

The Municipal Health Directorate was given 1.2 million kwanzas and a kit consisting of 5,000 face masks.

For his part, the Viana Municipal Health Director, Abreu Tondesso, reported that the municipality, one of the most populated in Luanda, has so far registered 84 positive cases of covid-19 and actions to prevent and combat the virus "are still ongoing".

China City has already invested more than 200 million dollars in Angola.