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Unitel increases data volume in several packages without changing prices

Unitel changed from this Friday its package of Internet plans, increasing the offer of data but maintaining the prices currently practiced per megabyte.


This is an initiative of the operator to promote the digital inclusion of the population, making products and services available at more competitive prices, says Angop.

In a statement, the operator said that it plans - in addition to increasing the volume of data - to reduce prices per megabyte (MB).

Thus, with the new offer plans will be introduced such as 'Net ao Dia', of 400 megabytes, weekly plans of 250 and 750 megabytes and monthly plans of 1.5 and 3 gigabytes (GB).

The increase in data volume will affect monthly plans, which go from 1GB to 1.5GB in the 2000 kwanza plan, from 3GB to 6GB in the 5,000 kwanza plan, and from 8GB to 12GB at the price of 10,000 kwanza, registering if so a reduction in price per gigabyte.

The operator also changed the unlimited plans of 25 and 35 thousand kwanzas, from monthly to bimonthly validity, increasing the data volume from 20GB to 30GB and from 30GB to 50GB.

Cited by Angop, Unitel stresses that these changes become even more relevant in the current situation imposed by the pandemic of the covid-19 and aim to facilitate the population's access to communication services through a more diversified and accessible offer, at a time when the Internet is a crucial tool for the performance of activities in times of distance and social isolation.