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The painful and unfair remuneration of private security guards in Angola

Samuel Chilua

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, dated 10 December 1948, in paragraph 3 of Article XXIII, postulates that every human being who works has the right to a fair and satisfactory remuneration, which ensures him, as well as his family, an existence compatible with human dignity and to which, if necessary, other means of social protection will be added.


I do not want to judge the causes to justify the undesired facts, in relation to the involvement of the security guards of private companies in the crimes committed as a result of the exercise of their functions, however, despite this fact, which is highly condemnable at all levels, I would like to reflect in this article, the injustices experienced by these men, who fearlessly struggle to maintain the survival of their families.

The unanswered question is: how much does a security guard earn as a guardian of large corporate assets in Angola? According to information passed on July 17, 2019, in just two weeks around 49 private company security guards had been detained by the SIC for alleged involvement in various crimes during the course of their activities, some of whom were suspected of authorship and others accused of complicity.

The causes for these frightening numbers are evident in the eyes of all, it is predicted that injustice and discrimination are not part of our world, it is necessary to get your knees over the necks of these men, because, in most cases, they lose the breath of life slowly because they are neither found nor found.

According to a study by Evandro Amaral produced in Luanda, private security agents are unanimous regarding working conditions, with the following being verified:

  • They don't have a good diet;
  • They have unworthy and unfair wages;
  • They do not receive any subsidy;
  • They remain hours and hours standing, in some situations of climate or temperatures not favorable to human beings;
  • They do not have access to a professional training course;
  • Many are not paid in due time;
  • In many situations they are forced to do work that is not their competence, etc.
  • Despite the right to strike enshrined in the General Labor Law, these agents, for fear of retaliation and the consequent loss of employment, are forced to endure such cruelty.

Security officers are also covered by the rights of equality and personal integrity enshrined in articles 23 and 31 of the CR.

In most cases, security officers have a remuneration of between AKZ 25,000 to AKZ 50,000, despite this, talking about AKZ 50,000 seems like a dream to many.

How to explain the remuneration of 25 thousand kwanzas to an agent who has the noble mission of protecting both the human resources of an institution, as well as its assets, going through the night when everyone is at home resting?

If we look at the constant loss of citizens' purchasing power, caused by the devaluation of the kwanza and associated with the constant increase in national inflation, and if we take into account the average of 05 elements that make up Angolan families, we would not need to be an expert to understand the level of difficulties these families experience every month, when the price of a bag of rice, for example, in many cases represents 22% to 45% of their remuneration.

However, it is necessary, on the one hand, more special attention on the part of State policies as the provider of citizens' well-being, and on the other, that the public-private institutions that hire security service providers, are in some way concerned with the remuneration of agents who will serve as a protector of their assets, because their poor remuneration can endanger the institution as a whole.

Opinion of
Samuel Chilua

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