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Angolan agriculture: current scenario

Vicente Kimbamba

Agronomist graduated from the University of International Integration of Afro-Brazilian Lusofonia. Scientific researcher, agronomist consultant and member of APROFAGRO

Angola is a rich and beautiful country. Many Angolans certainly remember this phrase. They always remind us that we have enough resources and means to leverage agriculture. There is no point in having resources and not knowing how to take advantage of them. The big difference between two people who have the same knowledge is what each one will do with it.


To think that we are better than other neighboring countries because we have arable land, oil and diamond is a flawed attitude, because if we compare development in the agricultural context, we will see that Angola is lagging behind.

According to a news item shared by Jornal de Angola, on 20 January 2019, Josefa Sacko, Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture of the African Union stated in Addis Ababa that Angola is one of the countries on the African continent that has unfortunately not shown any progress in terms of agricultural development and characterized the situation as “critical”.

Today, even to eat, we depend on other countries, we are increasingly distant from becoming self-sufficient, that is, not depending on other nations for food. Angola is one of the PALOP countries that suffers the most from hunger, a large part of the population lives in conditions of relative poverty and for many of the citizens, agriculture is seen as a medial tool to fight unemployment.

Many of the programs aimed at the agricultural sector do not reach their established goals, some have even left several producers in bad shape. Situations that could already be overcome if the State did give due attention to the primary sector. Currently, much is said about the diversification of the economy and the bet on agriculture, it is really interesting when we hear such speeches, however, the appropriations of the General State Budget for the agricultural sector convey another idea to us, which hinders growth, the solidification of agriculture and a developed rural.

Although the civil war was an obstacle to the development of agriculture, it is evident how much the Angolan state does not give due attention to this sector, our country has the necessary conditions to improve the conditions of the agricultural sector and become self-sufficient.

In view of the above, in response to this problem, the Angolan government could choose to:

  • Actually diversify the country's economy, invest in agriculture and create programs that can provide significant responses to strengthen agriculture;
  • Building of medium and higher agricultural institutes, Insertion of courses in the field of agricultural sciences in the most influential Universities in the Country and Implementation of field schools in rural areas;
  • Create favorable conditions that can serve as a driving force for interest in the areas of agricultural sciences as well as the permanence of young people in the field; 
  • Youth-oriented programs encouraging youth entrepreneurship in the countryside; 
  • Young people have an affinity for activities involving digital technologies, technology in the field would also be a way of attracting young people to the agricultural sector; 
  • Support or encourage the creation of Cooperatives and associations.

Opinion of
Vicente Kimbamba

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