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Doctors value home quarantine for asymptomatic patients

The National Union of Doctors of Angola (SINMEA) considered, taking into account that there is community circulation of the coronavirus in the country and exponential growth in the number of infected, that home quarantine is the regular practice for asymptomatic patients.


For SINMEA's secretary general, Pedro da Rosa, despite the recurrent scarcity of human resources in the health sector, institutional quarantine "would be an option", but, he noted, home quarantine would be "regular practice" especially for asymptomatic patients infected with covid-19.

"Because there, infected and asymptomatic people can be in their homes, in isolation, the important thing is that families really create conditions so that this infected patient is really isolated from the rest of the family and fulfills the two weeks of quarantine," said the official. at a press conference.

Asked by Lusa about the availability of health technicians to assist and control asymptomatic patients at home, Pedro da Rosa, admitted that "it is impossible to have a doctor for each patient, because the ratio does not allow".

"It means to say that we are all potentially infected, human resources, in terms of health, will always be scarce, coverage is impossible because population growth is exponential to the detriment of training doctors," he argued.

Angola started to allow home quarantine for Angolan citizens or foreign residents returning to the country, as well as for positive cases of covid-19 but asymptomatic, as of August 15th.