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Cattle, agricultural products, gold and shares will be able to be used as credit guarantee

Access to bank credit for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals may no longer be a headache: shares in companies, livestock or even gold may be admitted as collateral in the credit process.


The proposed Law on the Legal Framework of Securities and Registration of Guarantees aims to create new mechanisms for citizens to have easier access to credit.

According to the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Francisco Queiroz, quoted by Expansão, this change aims to help promote credit to the economy, strengthen and protect investors and also promote the growth of the financial sector.

The proposal, which has already been approved in general, establishes that citizens who want to apply for credit can give as collateral shares in companies, gold, agricultural products (animals or crops), among others. It also integrates the rules so that creditors and financial institutions can secure their rights over movable property in the event of default.

So far, in order to apply for a bank credit, citizens are obliged to mortgage real estate.