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GOZ'AQUi and Vida TV announce debut of humor show for the whole family

GOZ'AQUi, in partnership with Vida TV channel, will premiere a humor show called "Quem não aguenta (não) ri". The TV format promises to get laughs from both kids and adults.

: Cólua Tremura será o apresentador do programa
Cólua Tremura será o apresentador do programa  

The new project is scheduled to open on August 16th. The program "will provide the viewer with 40 minutes of laughter, through a competition between the participants, which will be won by the one who manages to contain the laughter most often when confronted with the jokes of his opponent," explains GOZ'AQUi in a statement sent to VerAngola.

The program will have the participation of four competitors, but only one will be able to emerge victorious.

"The Partnership with Vida TV channel exists since 2019, which was when we were invited by the channel to create the content GOZ'AQUi COM VIDA for Television," said Tiago Costa, founder of the company.

"The 'Quem Não Aguenta (não) Ri' is our latest bet because we believe that laughter is never too much and besides an escape, it is also something that stimulates creativity, imagination and can implant the bug of comedy or representation in those who already have a pre-disposition for it. It's a relaxed format, suitable for all ages, and to watch it you just need the will to laugh and see others (try not to) do the same - ideal for a family Sunday ending'', he added.

The "Quem não aguenta (não) ri" will be broadcast every Sunday at 3.30pm and will feature the performance of Cólua Tremura - a young man in the comedy business, who this year performed his first solo show, called "Ponto focal".