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Gemcorp wants to establish asset manager in Angola

British fund manager Gemcorp, which has been operating in Angola for almost ten years, wants to manage assets like a local company and is identifying opportunities in other Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Mozambique.

: Ampe Rogério/Lusa
Ampe Rogério/Lusa  

In an interview with Lusa, the CEO of Gemcorp, Atanas Bostandjiev, said he was "very interested" in investing more in the financial sector in Angola and applied for a license to manage assets locally.

"We are an asset manager based in the United Kingdom and we also want to be a local manager to bring in foreign funds and contribute to the development of the local capital market", he declared, adding that the administrative procedures for granting the license are underway.

With this license, Gemcorp will be able to carry out the investment activities that are currently being carried out from London, with a team of local managers "to bring more knowledge and hire local talent" and train people in the investment sector.

Atanas Bostandjiev underlined that Angola is Gemcorp's "hub" in Africa, where in addition to investments in energy (Cabinda refinery) they are focused on financing other strategic projects for the Government, such as the project to combat drought in Cunene (province of South), agriculture and mines.

"These are our main areas of interest [RR1]", he stressed.

Among these, there is also a partnership with the state-owned diamond company Endiama to boost the potential of Mulepe, located in Lunda Norte, which contains significant alluvial deposits and kimberlites.

"We are finalizing the investment plan to start the operation, we will announce it very soon", said the founder of Gemcorp.

On Angola's current economic situation, characterized by rising prices and sharp devaluation, he said he has a long-term vision for the country.

"We started investing in Angola in 2014 and since then the Angolan economy has gone through several cycles, some of greater difficulties, others of improvements. Our strategy is to be a long-term strategic partner, we believe in the potential of the Angolan economy, we believe that the country deserves the best and for Angola to have the best it needs investors like us, to bring capital and knowledge", he said.

"We are not concerned with short-term fluctuations, but that the Government understands that it has to make the right structural reforms to attract investors and facilitate the arrival of foreign investors and capital", he continued, reinforcing that Gemcorp wants to "take advantage of the opportunities that the market creates".

Introducing himself as a pan-African investor, the leader of Gemcorp says he is attentive to other countries in Africa, namely Mozambique.

"Yes, we are interested. We are identifying the right opportunities", he replied to Lusa.

Kenya is another African country where Gemcorp is investing, having recently acquired a minority stake in one of Africa's largest wind power projects.

Atanas Bostandjiev says that Africa is one of the core continents, but it is not the only focus of Gemcorp that also looks to Eastern Europe (where he himself comes from) and other emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and Latin America.


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