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UNITA files a complaint due to irregularities in the electoral roll

UNITA submitted a complaint to the National Electoral Commission (CNE) regarding the Computer File of Senior Citizens (FICM) where citizens qualified to vote in the general elections of 24 August are registered.


For UNITA, the integrity of the electoral roll is at stake, as they reveal the existence of deceased citizens and others who, having emigrated several years ago, took up residence abroad.

In order to guarantee the "smoothness of the suffrage, the legislator ordered, in 2015, that citizens provide proof of life", recalls the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), in a statement, adding: "Those who did not do so, could not be included in the FICM, and consequently in its by-product, the electoral roll".

According to the party, a small sample collected by family members of more than a hundred deceased citizens, in Luanda alone (some for more than 10 years), allowed it to be determined that they are on the voters' lists, having been assigned an assembly and table to vote on August 24, 2022.

"Realizing this, citizens are concerned about the integrity of the electoral roll and the real possibility of someone using fraudulently and in an organized way the identity of thousands of deceased citizens, improperly registered on the electoral roll, to commit the crime of plural voting", says UNITA.

The party says it is incomprehensible that thousands of already deceased citizens who did not provide proof of life in the period from 2012 to 2022 would reappear on the 2022 electoral roll, which "constitutes a serious threat to the integrity of the process".

For UNITA, the inclusion of deceased citizens in the FICM and in the electoral roll violates the law, renders the electoral roll invalid and increases the risk of violation of the right to vote.

In addition to the inclusion of deceased citizens, UNITA also found that many citizens listed as voters were relocated to polling stations they did not choose, outside their area of ​​residence.

At stake are the Ministry of Territorial Administration (MAT), which handed over to the CNE the non-expurgated file of deceased citizens, as well as the CNE, which, without auditing the FICM, handed over to the Constitutional Court a general list of voters populated by thousands of citizens already deceased (which could be more than two million) and others relocated, compromising the electoral process.

The party therefore asks for the intervention of the CNE in order to take measures to correct the "errors and omissions", purging deceased voters and solving the problem of the displaced.


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