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TAAG and Turkish Airlines sign 'code-share' agreement in Istanbul

The airline TAAG and the Turkish airline Turkish Airlines celebrated this Thursday, in Istanbul, a 'code-share' agreement for Passenger Transport, which will allow both companies to increase the number of flights and passengers.


Under the terms of the agreement, according to a note from the Ministry of Transport, Turkish Airlines will allow TAAG to use its airline code and flight numbers to identify and market to the public passenger transport services scheduled and operated by Turkish Airlines to the more than 254 destinations operated by that company.

In turn, TAAG will allow the Turkish company to also access its code and flight numbers, allowing the Turkish company to direct its passengers to the sub-region of Southern Africa, namely the city of Maputo, Johannesburg, Cape Town and other destinations operated and operated by TAAG.

Turkish Airlines plans to start air connections between Istanbul and Luanda, from October this year, initially with two weekly flights, an operation that will also allow TAAG to sell the same route, through the code sharing partnership (Code -Share).

These types of agreements are a common practice in the civil aviation industry, allowing each company to expand the offer of destinations and the offer of seats for their respective passengers.