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Family members of victims of political conflicts have seen more than 370 death certificates issued

From the 27th of May to the 14th of July, 455 death certificates were issued and 376 death certificates were delivered to family members, in a universe of 1543 requests received at the Issuance Post set up in the Pavilhão Arena do Kilamba, in Luanda.


The coordinator of the Commission for Inquiry and Certification of Deaths of Victims of Political Conflicts (CAVICOP), Israel de Sousa Nambi, assured that the process of issuing certificates and certificates runs smoothly.

It should be remembered that this process was made possible with the approval, by the National Assembly, of the Law on the Special Regime for the Justification of Deaths and with the creation, by the President of the Republic, of the Commission for Investigation and Certification of Deaths of Victims of Political Conflicts (CAVICOP).

Israel Nambi said that the working conditions and the means made available satisfy the execution of this "challenging enterprise" which consists of certifying and issuing death certificates for victims of political conflicts, which took place in Angola, between 11 November 1975 and 4 April 2002, which caused many deaths and left deep scars.

"The creation and implementation of the Plan of Homage to Victims is the way to appease the spirits, heal the psychological wounds of families and regenerate the spirit of brotherhood among Angolans", said the official, in a statement that VerAngola had access to .

For this reason, family members of victims of attacks on fundamental rights, freedoms and guarantees with political or partisan reasons, and of political or partisan phenomena, may join the Arena do Kilamba Pavilion, regardless of political or partisan entities or their agents, whose deaths do not have registered.

Taking into account the nature of the work, the acting coordinator of the Commission said that it is not possible to set a target or assess a certain number of certificates to be issued, as well as there is no defined timeframe for completing the work.

Delivery times

The Commission for the Investigation and Certification of Deaths of Victims of Political Conflicts is making efforts to ensure that the processes are concluded within the best possible deadlines.

For the deaths that have already been confirmed and that are in the database, the certification and issuance of a certificate is faster, and can happen within 24 to 48 hours, according to Israel Nambi. As for cases not listed in the database, he explained that they are forwarded to the registry and proceed to the investigation phase, which can last 30 days.

"Citizens requesting certificates do not need to concentrate in Luanda, nor in the Kilamba Multiusos Post", he advised, since the document is being issued in all civil registry offices, registry offices and municipal registry offices civil society at country level.
Israel Nambi also said that means and conditions are being provided, aiming at opening new posts in other provinces.

Death certificates for victims of political conflicts in the country can be obtained by means of a written or verbal request from the family member, addressed to the civil registry office, registry office, municipal civil registry office, municipal or communal administration.

"The family member proceeds with the survey of the death certificate at the place where he made the application", explained the person in charge.

Before that, he warned, the application must contain the applicant's identification (full name, marital status, parentage, place of birth, residence, ID card number and telephone number), as well as the identification of the deceased and information (as possible) about the circumstances of death (date and place), on heirs and assets left. Witnesses are also key players.