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Public quarantine centers are not hotels, warns Government

The coordinator of the multisectoral commission to combat covid-19, Pedro Sebastião, admitted that public quarantine centers “do not have extraordinary conditions”, emphasizing that these spaces cannot be classified as a hotel.


The Minister of State and Head of the Security House of the President of the Republic, who was asked at a press conference in Luanda, about the lack of conditions in public establishments where institutional quarantine is carried out, namely Calumbo and field hospitals, he said. that no country “was prepared for what we have seen recently”.

He added that "despite this, visible efforts have been made" since the pandemic began and that "more or less, with some difficulty here and there, has been achieved, the necessary stability to do what we set out to do."

“It is clear that we do not have extraordinary conditions there that we could classify as a hotel or something. It is a hospital center with the skills we all know, complying with the recommendations of the World Health Organization ”, said the official.

For Pedro Sebastião, political gains have also been “regrettably” made and “there are people who have bet on transmitting what does not really correspond to reality”, praising the work that the government has been doing in hospitals

“Therefore, it is not true what sometimes appears on social networks in relation to these hospital establishments. There are difficulties, but they are not those that are pointed out and with the dimension that is intended to transmit ”, he emphasized, guaranteeing that“ hospitals recommend themselves ”.

The minister stated that “it is evident” that not all citizens want to comply with institutional quarantine in public areas, but he indicated that there is the possibility of institutional quarantine in a hotel appointed by the commission, with exceptional cases of home quarantine such as diplomats or people with problems of health.

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