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Luandans want to extend the screening tests because they "fear the worst"

The daily rise in cases of covid-19 in Luanda worries the citizens of the capital who, "fearing the situation will get worse," this Friday advocated the extension of screening tests and accountability for the misuse of the mask.


For citizens in the capital, the focus of the pandemic, serological testing in areas of high population concentration will contribute to the "better control and combat" of covid-19 in the country.

The campaign of testing of covid-19 continues in Luanda and this Friday hundreds of people from the neighborhood Martyrs of Kinfangondo, downtown, rushed to the street 15 to know their serological status.

Floods and huge rows were no obstacle for those citizens who say they are worried about the increase in the number of cases in the country.

After conducting the test, Fear Francisco, 59, told Lusa that the moment "is of double caution" because otherwise the country will be devastated "both in the economy and at the social and family levels.

The failure to wear the mask regularly on public roads was also highlighted by the resident of the Kifangondo Martyrs, stating that the fine, now instituted by the authorities, could curb the "neglect of many".

With the negative result in hand, João Manuel Lourenço valued the initiative of the authorities, affirming that it is an added value for the country and that it must be replicated for the better control of the people.

According to the construction technician, there are still people in several communities in Luanda who do not believe in the lethality of covid-19, justifying this to be the "stubbornness" that contributes to many people circulating without protective masks.

"This measure of compulsory wearing of the mask is welcome, at least the staff gain more awareness with what they do and is also responsible," he noted.

Angola, which has been experiencing a public calamity since 26 May, has 458 positive cases of covid-19 - 319 active, 117 recovered and 23 deaths.

The use of masks on public roads is mandatory since Thursday in the capital and municipality of Cazengo, Kwanza Norte province, and fines of 5000 kwanzas to 10,000 kwanzas are expected for those who violate the rules.

The authorities propose to carry out 6000 serological tests in the markets and areas of large settlements, a process that began on Wednesday.

Conceição Catenda, 60, who this Friday tested negative for covid-19, advocated the "extension of tests throughout the province of Luanda," expressing concern about the evolution of the pandemic in Luanda.

"The daily increase of cases in the country is worrying and our government has to see this and even do tests in the communities," he urged.

For the civil servant, faced with the upward trend of positive cases in the country, especially in Luanda, wearing the mask "is indispensable", so, she stressed, the police "should fine and hold those who fail to comply accountable.

The need for the fine to "discipline" the misuse of the mask on public roads was also reiterated by Neide Oliveira, who said she had "many fears" because it is a disease of "rapid contagion.

In turn, the municipal director of Health of Luanda, Manuel Eduardo Varela, said that the goal is to conduct a thousand tests in that county to assess the degree of exposure of the area, where many people circulate.

"With the increase of cases and with the imminence of community contamination, it makes sense that all people wear the mask as a factor of protection, in addition to other measures," he noted, in statements to Lusa.

The covid-19 pandemic has already claimed 555,000 lives and infected more than 12.2 million people in 196 countries and territories, according to a report by the French agency AFP.


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