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Vera Daves: “We are very optimistic about the outcome of the next review” by the IMF

The Finance Minister assured this Tuesday, in an interview with Bloomberg TV, that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been very supportive of the Executive, at a technical and financial level, and that the commitment to its program continues.


"We are very optimistic about the result of the next assessment", said Vera Daves de Sousa, who explained how the pandemic has directly and indirectly affected the Angolan economy.

Directly on the increase in health expenditure, she pointed out, and indirectly on the oil prices and the drop in economic growth.

"And all these necessary reforms 'shaked us' a lot because we still import a lot of what we consume. And all of this had a great influence/impact on inflation", said the Minister of Finance.

He also stated that at the moment the Central Bank is taking measures regarding monetary policy, however the most important thing is to put in place the necessary measures to grow, generate revenue and make the national currency stronger to improve international reserves, the exchange rate and inflation.

"We are still very dependent on the oil sector and we have been working a lot with this industry to motivate them to invest and thus stabilize our production. Stopping falling, so that it starts to grow. But we are also creating conditions to leverage other sectors, such as agriculture, small industries, fishing and financial services for the capital market", assured Vera Daves.