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A guide to the most beautiful restaurants in Benguela

After Luanda, Benguela is the province with the greatest gastronomic offer in the country, and of very good quality. We are not afraid to say that some of the best restaurants in Angola are found on the streets of Lobito and Benguela. Some of the nicest ones too.


In addition to the service and, of course, the food itself, we pay more and more attention to the details of every restaurant we go to. We love good design, a master line, a touch of good taste and elegance. We are perfectly aware that beauty is subjective, and that tastes are not discussed (sorry!), and therefore lists such as these will always be the subject of discussion. And I'm glad it is! That said, these are, for us, the seven most beautiful restaurants in the province of Benguela.

Luna Ocean Club

With an extensive beachfront, this beautiful restaurant in Restinga do Lobito, totally facing the sea, is dominated by white tones, solid wood, straw or cloth coverage, and a lightness characteristic of this coastal area of ​​the country. The decor is clearly influenced by our Angolan way of being, where relaxation and comfort are essential for an afternoon or evening well spent. Luna's various environments – beach, lounge, and fully open restaurant room – maintain this concept.

Hotel Terminus

It is no coincidence that Terminus has been the most iconic hotel in this province for decades, despite having moved from a century-old structure to a more modern one. Many consider him the best. Having a meal in this hotel's restaurant, mainly on the terrace or on the jango, is to be surrounded by sea and sun in an elegant and somewhat refined environment, but not in a heavy way. A feeling of peace and satisfaction reigns thanks to the discreet decor.


The jewel of Restinga, Batuk is for us one of the most beautiful restaurants in the country. Spacious and airy, with its own personality, it is a space that invites you to stay for long hours. When you enter, your eyes are invariably attracted by the design of the restaurant, where you will find three environments: the interior dining room, with large windows that open onto the long terrace, where you can have a snack or a real meal, and in the background , the beach with the extensive lobitanga sand.


The first thing in this restaurant that caught our attention was its architecture. Located in the center of Benguela, next to the Municipal Market, Joana's is the type of space that communicates with its surroundings. It does not hide behind high walls nor does it imply "exclusivity". Instead of being cut down, the magnificent tree in the middle of the terrace is preserved and ends up being part of the essence of this place. Joana's is a pleasant place to be, whether on the terrace or in the nice interior room, which is also well decorated with various plants and unique pieces.

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