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The most beautiful restaurants in Luanda: 3rd edition

Our first edition of this article, entitled ‘The most beautiful restaurants in Luanda’, broke the record for LNL views and quickly became the most widely read article on the portal at the time. Apparently we and you both like beautiful things.

: Cousteau (Yacht Club Luanda)
Cousteau (Yacht Club Luanda)  

Since the publication of the most recent article in this series (five years ago!), Several new restaurants have opened in Luanda; some of them are beautiful enough to deserve the creation of a third edition of the list of the most eye-catching spaces in the city (and one or the other that was "forgotten" in the previous edition is highlighted here).

As in the previous edition, the purpose of this list is not to classify the restaurants (this list is not in any order), nor to talk about the food or the prices. The focus here is really the aesthetics of the places, the decor, the interior design, and so on.

Cousteau (Yacht Club Luanda)

It is one of the newest restaurants in Luanda and one of the most beautiful. Cousteau is located inside the Yacht Club Luanda (also known as Marina Baía), a work with the signature of the well-known architecture firm Costa Lopes Arquitectos. Through the glass side wall you can enjoy the superb view of the Bay of Luanda, the sea and the marina. Inside, velvet chairs, carpet and subtle lighting add a cozy feel to the room. It should also be noted that the restaurant's cuisine was consulted by the celebrated Portuguese chef Miguel Laffan, winner of a Michelin star.


Luanda residents with good memories know very well that Bessangana is inserted in the structure of the former Bob's Burgers, and that the remodeling that all that space has undergone is really transformative. From the lush green terraces to the interior room, the Bessangana's decor is coherent and elegant. This beautiful restaurant has the signature of the Angolan atelier Metapolis, one of the most respected in our square. "We congratulate the Architect Maria João Telles Grilo, who achieved a very successful reading of what we wanted", the management once told us.


This space in the Royal Park Condominium in Morro Bento almost goes unnoticed by those who do not know; for those who know, it is an elegant and inviting space, where attention to detail is more than evident. Moon is intimate - the restaurant isn't that big, despite having a small interior room and a nice terrace - but it doesn't have to be. The design is very well designed so that we can be comfortable and enjoy the little touches of refinement around us.

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