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Superior Council of the Judiciary has new executive secretary

The president of the Superior Council of the Judicial Magistracy (CSMJ), Joel Leonardo, dismissed the executive secretary of the body, Judge João Eduardo Agostinho, and temporarily appointed the judge Pedro Agostinho Chilicuessue to his place.


In order no. 040 of the CSMJ, dated 7th June and to which Lusa had access, Joel Leonardo concludes the service commission that judge João Eduardo Agostinho had been exercising since July 2020.

In order no. 041, the president of the Angolan Supreme Court (TS) and, by virtue of the functions of the CSMJ, appoints, in a service commission, the judge of law Pedro Agostinho Chilicuessue to exercise the function of acting executive secretary of the CSMJ.

Some circles question, however, the "legality of the measure", stating that the appointment of the executive secretary of the CSMJ "is within the competence of the plenary" of that body, and "not of the presiding judge" of the instance.

A source close to the Angolan Supreme Court told Lusa, however, that Joel Leonardo's decision is not outside his scope of action, noting that he safeguarded the public interest by appointing an interim secretary for the organ.

Joel Leonardo, explained the source, "decided, initially, to ensure that the services at the level of the CSMJ were not paralyzed" and should "later communicate to the plenary, as required by law, for the follow-up of administrative, formal and legal mechanisms ".

Several decisions of the president of the Angola CSMJ have been questioned by various actors linked to the country's legal sector, especially by the Association of Judges of Angola (AJA) which has publicly challenged the judge's various measures.

The CSMJ recently suspended judge Agostinho Santos, a losing candidate in the competition to fill vacancies for president of the National Electoral Commission (CNE), who points out alleged irregularities in the process.

In a resolution dated 3 June, the Superior Council of the Judicial Magistracy of Angola decided to partially grant the request of judge Rui Constantino da Cruz Ferreira and declare his "cessation of functions" as counselor judge of the TS.