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Government follows student detained in Cuba accused of killing teacher

The director of the National Institute for the Management of Scholarships (INAGBE) said this Tuesday, in Luanda, that the Government is following the case of the Angolan student detained in Cuba, accused of the death of a teacher.


Milton Chivela, who was speaking on public radio, said that the Cuban ambassador to Angola had already had the opportunity to visit the student, Armindo Leitão Jeremias, a finalist in the health information systems course, who is being accused of the death of a teacher of Cuban nationality.

"The Angolan ambassador to Cuba has already visited him in the prison where he is and the process is following normal judicial procedures, obviously, with some diplomacy on our side," said Milton Chivela.

The case was exposed on social media allegedly by the student's colleagues, who appealed to the authorities to intervene in the case, whose highest penalty could be death.

"We hope that we can somehow repatriate the citizen, but the whole process is being followed", reiterated Milton Chivela.

The information circulated reveals that the accused had a friendly relationship with the aforementioned professor, who was dedicated to selling foreign currency to students for many years, at lower prices.

The professor's body was found 150 meters from the student's house, who pleaded not guilty, which led to suspicions of his involvement in his death.

The director general of INAGBE revealed yet another "worrying" case, which involves another Angolan student, also detained in Cuba, for the commission of a cyber crime linked to the Cuban banking system.

"The student apparently found a weakness in Cuba's banking system, he was able to make some large withdrawals and today the bank demands that the amounts be returned. We are talking about 1.3 million dollars, situations that alone IGNABE cannot provide an answer," said the official.

In April this year, the National Assembly approved an agreement between the republics of Angola and Cuba, in the field of mutual legal and judicial assistance in criminal matters, the discussion of which raised some doubts regarding extradition, a principle contrary to the Angolan Constitution.