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Airport February 4th reopens doors at the end of the month. Only repatriation flights will be allowed

t is already on June 30th that the 4 de Fevereiro Airport opens its doors again. However, its operation will be limited: the airport will only serve to receive humanitarian and repatriation flights, with passengers having to comply with several biosecurity rules.


Silvia Lutucuta, quoted by Angop, warned that the country is still "in a national health fence due to covid-19" and therefore the borders are only open "to flights for aid, bringing specialized technicians and biosecurity materials. No flights for tours, only for repatriation of Angolans and foreigners to Angola".

For the time being, commercial flights will not take place, the Minister of Health said, explaining that these flights are dependent on the openness and availability of other countries with which Angola has an agreement in the aviation sector.

The minister also made it known that the airport may open sooner than the date set in the presidential decree on the state of calamity. The holder of the Health portfolio admitted that the opening process may advance as early as next week, but said this is dependent on the conditions and capacity of the quarantine centers.

All repatriated Angolans will be required to undergo mandatory institutional quarantine in the centres for at least seven days, she said.