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TCUL drivers drive and collect after the company has laid off workers

With the allegation of non-compliance with the stocking rules, the company of Urban Collective Transport of Luanda (TCUL) has temporarily dismissed the collectors of its buses, having placed the drivers to accumulate these tasks. The demands of the workers make themselves heard.


Speaking to Novo Jornal, the company's management left the guarantee that the decision took into account the need to reduce 50 percent of employees, in order to comply with the exceptional laws imposed during the covid-19 pandemic. He also guaranteed that, after this phase, normality will be restored.

In this way, drivers were automatically 'forced' to do two jobs: driving and charging. "We were instructed, as of May 15, to drive and collect at the same time without guarantees that we will be paid for the double work", explained one of the workers to NJ, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Drivers say that day-to-day life has become very challenging, given the difficulties in carrying out both tasks at the same time. "We charge and then drive, it is not being easy because many of us have no experience in charging. So we have had several problems with our supervisors. Because it is not our job to charge," he said.

The head of the Communication and Marketing department at TCUL, Amélia Escórcio, told NJ that the reduction of employees is temporary, and they continue to be paid. "We are in a special state, which is not normal, so we have to make sacrifices. Collectors and other employees who are dismissed, are remunerated even with the losses that the company has been registering".

The official said that the company has recorded losses estimated at 10 million kwanzas in all its passenger services since the beginning of the state of emergency in late March. TCUL reduced its fleet in circulation from 95 to 50 buses.