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Last three chinese locomotives should arrive in Angola in the coming weeks

It is expected in the coming weeks the last delivery of part of a set of 10 compositions that the state bought from China. The last three locomotives will reinforce the Moçâmedes railway.


"The arrival of the three remaining locomotives depends on our going to China, properly to the CRRC factory. Due to the situation we will make the acceptance remotely, through videoconference, and here we will do other tests. They should arrive in the next few weeks", revealed the general director of the Angolan Railway Institute (INFA), Ottoniel Manuel, quoted by Expansão.

To reinforce the railways of Luanda, Benguela and Moçâmedes, the country decided to buy 10 trains from the Chinese company CRRC. This purchase cost the state coffers 1.2 billion kwanzas.

So far, seven locomotives have been on Angolan land: four were delivered to Luanda and three to Benguela. The remaining three trains will become part of the Moçâmedes railroad.

According to Expansão, the delivery of the locomotives was scheduled for May, but the procedure was delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Each locomotive is composed of four carriages and can carry a total of 696 people.