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Huambo is going to create hippopotamus conservation areas on the Keve River

The provincial government of Huambo wants to create hippo conservation areas. The project is already being developed by the Huambo provincial office of Environment, Waste Management and Community Services which wants to implement these areas along the River Keve.


With the aim of preserving the region's ecosystem, César Paquisse, head of the provincial office, explained that for the time being the office is analysing and studying the sites where conservation points will be created.

"We have already identified the points where these species are heading, the size of the population that appears in these areas, the conflicts that they generate as a result of the relationship between men and animals," he explained, quoted by Angop.

At this time, he said, the provincial office has focused on sensitizing people and institutions to treat hospital waste in a conscious and appropriate way. "It has been frequent to still find some health units that do not manage their waste properly and, on these, we have been acting, and the sanctions for these practices are serious," he explained.

However, César Paquisse revealed that even with the restrictions and delays that covid-19 brought to the country, the aim of the office is to have all the conservation areas created by November this year.