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Angolan program aimed at African youth arrives on screens in Mozambique

An Angolan program aimed at African youth will be shown, starting in June, on TV Moçambique. Entitled “A tua atitude determina a tua altitude” and presented by Angolan Kennedy Luís, the interview program will air every Sunday, from 10 am, on the Mozambican television station. However, the broadcast of this program will not be limited to Angola and Mozambique, and will also be shown in Portugal, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and Macau.


The broadcast of the program on Mozambican screens is the result of a partnership between the national production company KL Films and Televisão de Moçambique.

According to a statement sent to VerAngola, this program, which has been broadcast on Public Television of Angola since November last year, "is a production by KL Films and is sponsored by Cabship", and its main objective is to "motivate and inspire African youth".

Presenter Kennedy Luís explained that the team will travel the world and speak to Africans and their descendants to tell them about their experiences, aiming to inspire and motivate African youth.

"We are going to travel all over the world and talk to Africans and descendants of Africans with brilliant minds so that they can tell their stories in order to serve as an example for African youth", said Kennedy Luís, quoted in the statement.

This initiative, "which was well received by Mozambican society", was praised by the management of Televisão de Moçambique, by the president of the Board of Directors and the Content Director, Élio Jonasse and Florberto Fernandes, respectively.

Quoted in the note, Florberto Fernandes said that this program "could significantly contribute to people assuming new attitudes towards life".

"This is a program that we, Televisão de Moçambique, take on with great pleasure because it can significantly contribute to people assuming new attitudes towards life. We have been observing that people increasingly need hope and guidance in life", he stated.

However, the broadcast of this program will not be limited to just Angola and Mozambique. According to the statement, the program will also be "distributed throughout all countries and territories where the Portuguese language is spoken, including Portugal and Macau", with agreements having already been established with the Macau broadcasting station, RTP África, Televisão de São Tomé , TV Cultura of the State of Bahia (Brazil), TCV of Cape Verde and TV BRICS (which is available in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

"We will distribute on all our platforms, including social networks, but also to our cooperation partners in Portuguese-speaking countries as part of the exchange of content because we are aware that it is an extremely relevant program that will contribute to the emergence of new brilliant African minds wherever they are. What we want is for people to have a new attitude towards life", guaranteed the program director for Mozambique TV, quoted in the note.

Among those interviewed in Mozambique are names such as Dama do Bling (artist who, in addition to being a rapper, is also a lawyer), Thiago Fonseca (advertiser), Paulina Chiziane (writer), Carlos Serra (lawyer and environmentalist), as well as businessmen Belmiro Quive, Atul Laxmissancar, Izidine Samamad, Esperança Mangaze, Lurdes Magalhães, while in Angola interviews were carried out with businessmen Rui Silva, Bruno Pegado and Beatriz Frank, as well as musicians Masta and Ndanka Yo Wiñi and actress Érica Chissapa. In addition, personalities in Namibia were also interviewed: Lioness (singer), Diana Namases (businesswoman) and Júlia Boss Lady (businesswoman).

"The program has collaborators in Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and the United States of America (USA)", says the statement.

But it's not just on television that this project 'shines'. According to the statement, the initiative 'A tua atitude determina a tua altitude' also includes the publication of the book 'O segredo das mentes brilhantes africanas', composed of 13 chapters, "in which the life and work of Africa's brilliant minds will be reflected", and "at the end of each chapter, Kennedy summarizes what he considers the secret of brilliant minds".

According to Kennedy Luís, still within the scope of the project, a song is also being recorded, aiming to motivate African youth.

The song was called 'A tua atitude determina a tua altitude - o legado', in which Dama do Bling (Mozambique), Masta (Angola), Duncan Daniels (Nigeria) Lioness (Namibia) and Lady Maya (Namibia) participate.

"More than a television program and book, the Atitude project is a life purpose that aims to leave a legacy for future generations who must learn from the best Africans", said Kennedy Luís.

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