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Companhia Siderúrgica do Cuchi starts production of pig iron in experimental phase

Companhia Siderúrgica do Cuchi (CSC) is already producing pig iron on an experimental basis. The start of production in the trial period took place this Monday, with the company producing an average of 150 to 200 tonnes of this ore per day.


According to Geraldo Basques, executive director of the CSC, this initial process will vary between 150 to 200 tons per day, until reaching the stipulated maximum of 300 tons per day, in order to reach a total of 1500 tons annually in the near future, writes Angop.

The official made it known – in statements to the press, cited by Angop – that this ore could be exported from the Port of Namibe, using the Moçâmedes railways, to the main international markets, highlighting the States States of America, as well as countries in Europe and Asia.

According to the official, with pig iron in a liquid state, the country will carry out the foundry, the transformation into steel and even with by-products, collaborate in the sowing industry, as well as in the correction of the soil and fertilizer, making sure that nothing is wasted, writes Angop.

With regard to jobs, the executive director left guarantees that the increase in employability, especially for young people, will happen with the construction of the two blast furnaces and the increase in production itself.

As for the challenges, according to Angop, the official indicated the building of a fertilizer production school, three new blast furnaces, among others.

Referring that the conditions have already been created for the start of production of this ore, since the first stage of construction of the factory unit is finished with a first blast furnace, the executive director also made it known that as soon as the factory is in operating completely could produce 96,000 tonnes of pig iron annually, writes Jornal de Angola.

With electromechanical infrastructure, a water reservoir capable of soaking one million liters, two silos with a storage capacity of 2,400 cubic meters of ore each, as well as a machine and command room, the official, quoted by Jornal de Angola, also said that there will also be 25 suites to accommodate the technicians responsible for running the factory.

It should be noted that to sustain iron production, 960 furnaces have been built so far, capable of producing more than 5500 cubic meters of coal/week each. Furthermore, according to Angop, so far more than 50 million dollars have been invested in building the factory, operating the crude iron mine, among others.

It should be noted that, in a first phase, the company generated 1200 jobs (direct and indirect), of the approximately 5000 direct jobs until the final stage.

According to the company's website, the CSC refers to "the first steel company in the country to produce pig iron and to use charcoal as a reducer in the production process, through a sustainable and carbon-free technology".


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