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Yetwene project officially starts production

The Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, Diamantino Azevedo, inaugurated the Yetwene Project this Thursday (April 27) – the day on which Mining Workers’ Day was celebrated –, thus marking the official start of production in the aforementioned diamond project.


According to a statement sent to VerAngola, Mining Worker's Day (marked this Thursday) marked the official start of mining in the project.

The act, adds the note, was presided over by the minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, and by the governor of Lunda Norte province, Deolinda Ódia Paulo Satula Vilarinho, with the day having started with the "reception of official entities and guests with the Anthem of the Republic of Angola, sung by the students of the Yetwene School, followed by interventions, presentation of the project, delivery of the Mining Exploration Title and visit to the mining operations".

The program also had a cultural aspect, which included contact "with the Arts and Culture project, developed by the students of the Yetwene School and Samulambo Neighborhood Community, as well as presentation of the teams participating in the Youth Football Championship".

The diamond project is located in Lunda Norte and has a secondary type deposit, with an average monthly production of around 10,000 carats expected.

In terms of investment, around 32 million dollars have been invested so far.

The project currently employs 217 workers, of whom "95 percent are nationals, 20 percent are female, 55 percent are young people between the ages of 19 and 42 and 7 percent are paid interns". In addition, the project also generated more than 300 indirect jobs.

The focus on training is also present. According to a statement, the project "has implemented professional training sessions for employees, given on the job, as well as inside and outside Angola, always focused on gaining knowledge and skills, in addition to admission, under paid internship contracts, of newly graduated middle and senior technicians, who at the end of the internship cycles have been inserted into the project's staff".

"Fulfilling the objectives and guidelines on employability, foreseen in the partnership with the Central and Local Executive, the Yetwene project entered into a partnership with the Universities and Medium Polytechnic Institutes of the provinces of Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul, to grant professional internships to recent graduates ", says the note.

In the social domain, infrastructures were built in order to "improve the economic and social situation of the population around the project concession area, as well as actions of social, environmental and economic responsibility".

"In this area, more than 167,000 dollars were invested in interventions already implemented, namely rehabilitation and equipping of the Camissombo School - which currently accommodates 120 students -, construction of residences for family resettlement; creation of agricultural promotion cooperatives for family self-subsistence and trade and the construction and equipping of five houses for the chiefs", reads the statement.

In addition, "water holes, equipped with solar pumps; metallic tower and reservoir; donation of motorcycles to traditional authorities; donation of food goods and implementation of an area of land for the promotion of family agriculture were also carried out seeds and tested, for the first time, the planting of upland rice".

The "rehabilitation and equipping of the medical post and the implantation of grinding for self-subsistence" is underway, the note also mentions.

With its inauguration – which took place in Camissombo, as part of the Technical and Scientific Days alluding to Mineiro Worker's Day –, the project is now in line with the National Development Plan (PDN 2018-2022) in terms of increasing the production, says the note.

"The Participation Association of the Yetwene project – which includes Endiama Mining, Lda., Mountain Stability Lda., Sociedade Mineira de Investimentos da Lunda, Lda. and All Magic, Lda. as members – results from the Mining Investment Contract (CIM) between the parties for prospecting, research, recognition and evaluation of the secondary diamond deposits of this concession", reads the note.

According to the statement, "the remaining pillars of the PDN 2018-2022 (Geological-Mining Research and Exploration of Secondary Diamond Deposits), such as the expansion of diamond reserves and the creation of new jobs are already being fulfilled by the Project Yetwene, since 2019, with the Geological-Mining Research phase and, later, with the Exploration of Secondary Diamond Deposits, in an extension of 508 square kilometers, having for this constituted a human resources framework of 217 workers".


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