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Government to install 30 diamond cutting factories in the Lundas

The government plans to install 30 diamond cutting factories in some exploration areas located in Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul. According to the Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, Diamantino Azevedo, the government plans to build 26 units in Saurimo (Lunda Sul) and four factories in Dundo (Lunda Norte).


 The installation of factories in these provinces aims to help foster the development of the eastern region of the country.

With a view to adding value to the diamonds produced in the country, the government has begun to build the Diamond Hub in Saurimo. Located in Lunda Sul, this center should start operating this year, with four cutting factories.

In addition to the factories, the center will also have a school to train national cutters. According to Jornal de Angola, the training courses have already started, although they are being held in a temporary building. At the moment, 35 young people are being trained so that the production of the lapidary factories can be guaranteed in the future.

In the Executive's plans there is also the implementation of four lapidary factories in Dundo.

The Ministry of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, cited by Jornal de Angola, foresees for this year to install at least one factory in the province.

For Diamantino Azevedo, the diamond cutting in the country will not be easy, but he admitted that this bet of the Government intends to reach, in medium and long term, at least 10 percent of the objectives: "We want to reach 10 percent of the intentions, but it is necessary the effort of all, to add value to our diamond, to create more jobs and to promote, in the future, the industry of the jewelry".

About the industrial production of diamonds, the minister admitted that the change of Endiama's headquarters to Lunda Norte will open new doors and will allow to better monitor and stimulate investments.

"This is not a cosmetic operation, but a commitment already made by the central structures to the governor Ernesto Muangala, about the need for Endiama to strengthen its presence in the province of Lunda Norte, to improve its performance and to be close to the diamond operators, so that, little by little, the operational part becomes more active", considered Diamantino Azevedo.