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Parliament votes election of new Ombudsman on 19th

On the 19th, the National Assembly will vote on the proposal by the parliamentary group of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), to replace the Ombudsman, who resigned his post without explanation.


The proposal of the MPLA parliamentary group, which indicates the names of the current deputy ombudsman for justice, Florbela Araújo, replacing Carlos Ferreira Pinto, and for the post of deputy ombudsman, Aguinaldo Cristóvão, was unanimously approved at the joint meeting of the first and fourth specialized committees of parliament.

Carlos Ferreira Pinto, who has held office since 2018, recently submitted his resignation request to the president of the National Assembly, without giving any reasons for his decision.

The election of the Ombudsman, with a five-year term, with the right to only one renewal, is the responsibility of the National Assembly.

Regarding the election of the Ombudsman, the deputy not integrated in a parliamentary group Odete Joaquim, said, in statements to RNA, that it was necessary to "clarify the reason" why Carlos Ferreira Pinto resigned.

"It may not be a big deal, but it is better to clarify than to leave it at that. [It was] for health reasons, the end of the first term, for his convenience or for anything", said the deputy, stressing that it is not necessary to go in detail, defending, however, the need for "something indicative and clear".

The vice president of the National Assembly's first committee, José Miitão, considered a justification unnecessary.

"In the letter sent, the Ombudsman did not mention any reason, he resorted to the provision in the Ombudsman Law that speaks of the resignation and says that under that provision he resigned his position. If he did not evoke any reason, it is not us [who have to] seek reasons to attribute the reasons that led him to resign from the position ", he said.

In the Ombudsman's 2020 Annual Activity Report, sent to the National Assembly, Carlos Ferreira Pinto classified in his message as "quite critical" last year, especially since March, due to the "unexpected change in the building of the Ombudsman for the Palace of Justice and the constraints arising from the covid-19 ".

"He did not fail to comply with his mandate, that is, to receive and appreciate the complaints made by citizens, for actions or issues by public authorities," he said.

In March 2020, in an open letter addressed to the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, officials from the Ombudsman, expressed their dissatisfaction with the exchange of facilities, considering that the building, built from scratch in 2012, for that justice body, it was unable to accommodate the Supreme Court’s advisory and technical judges for the trial sessions.

The signatories of the letter also considered "abrupt" and "inelegant in the form of treatment that is voted for a public body of constitutional dignity".