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Angola attends UN climate conference. Angolan Érica Tavares chosen to represent the country

The Angolan biologist Érica Tavares will represent the country at the 'Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition' event, a pre-event of the Cop26 (United Nations Conference on Climate Change 2021), to be held in September, in Milan. The young woman promises to present a realistic proposal that meets the vision of Angolans.


"When you talk about representing Angola, you can't just talk about representing my agenda, representing my ideas and my solutions," the biologist considered.

Érica Tavares, quoted by Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA), admitted that she will have a great responsibility in her hands.

"It will be a great responsibility for me to prepare an agenda and a robust proposal, realistic, that represents Angola, that represents the idea of the youth and of the Angolan citizens about climate and about how we can then contribute to this world agenda and to world solutions," she said.

According to RNA, in the next few days, the young woman will choose ideas coming from young Angolans to, later, share them with 400 other young people from all over the world.

The biologist says she hopes that young Angolans will feel that they "have been represented," adding that, for this, she will organize "five discussion tables, within which are four themes" that will be the main topics, "and the last table will be of conclusion" for the proposal that will be taken to Milan.

"My representation will not be about my agenda, but it will be about the Angolans' agenda on climate," she re-emphasized, adding that she hopes people will participate and help her take Angola's ideas to the conference.