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South African entrepreneurs invest about 100 million in the solar energy and agriculture sector in Cabinda

About 100 million dollars is the amount that the South African business group Trooper wants to invest in the future in Cabinda province. The investment will focus on solar energy and agriculture and livestock.

: Angop

The South African businessmen, who arrived this Thursday to the province, intend to find business opportunities with entrepreneurs from the solar energy and agribusiness branches as well as with Cabinda authorities. This search aims to open doors for the South African business group to sign future partnerships and investments in these two areas of the Angolan economy.

According to Angop, in a meeting between John Kayira, head of the Trooper delegation, Verónica Shale, responsible for operations, and the governor of Cabinda, Marcos Nhunga, several ideas were discussed on the creation of opportunities and investments in the province.

The head of the delegation, John Kayira said that the visit to Cabinda serves to verify, on the spot, the investments that already exist in the areas that are of interest to the South African company as well as interact with local authorities and businessmen.

In turn, Verónica Shale, said that the South African company is willing to invest in the province because they know the potential and opportunities that Cabinda offers in those areas, Angop reported.

On the businessmen's agenda they will visit some agricultural fields and hold some meetings with local businessmen.