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Odebrecht Engineering & Construction with anti-bribery certificate

The company changed all its management systems to obtain this international certification and be able to prove its commitment to professionalism, ethics, and transparency in all markets where it operates.


OEC - Odebrecht Engenharia & Construção has just received ISO 37001 certification, the international Anti-Bribery System standard, becoming one of the first construction companies in the world to obtain this recognition. Valid for three years, this certificate is awarded by QMS, a global certification body based in Australia.

"Obtaining this certification means for OEC the recognition of its internal control systems created in recent years, which meet the determination to have ethics, integrity and transparency as our basis for action. This is a remarkable moment and of great importance for the OEC, a company that never forgets another premise: that improvement is continuous and that it remains one of our major objectives in all markets where we work," says Marcus Azeredo, head of the company in Angola.

Since 2016, the OEC has invested heavily in the credibility of its management methods and its Integrity Program to position itself at the level of listed companies. It was with this objective that the OEC integrated into its Board of Directors independent professionals with a recognized track record in the market, and created Advisory Committees in areas such as Audit, Finance and Risk, composed of directors who are also independent. It also created an Ethics Committee, which assesses possible violations of the company's code of conduct, and the Compliance and Internal Audit Departments, which report directly but independently to the Board of Directors.

It should also be recalled that in 2020 the company was subjected to an audit, by the US Department of Justice, which it successfully overcame and through which the auditor certified the OEC's compliance systems, including the policies and procedures designed and implemented to prevent and detect possible violations of the anti-corruption laws in force.

The advances in integrity and management were reinforced with the ISO 9001 and PBQP-H re-certifications, valid until 2023, which prove the robustness of the quality management system for contracts signed by the company worldwide.