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Doctors announce the continuation of the strike and several demonstrations

The National Union of Physicians (Sinmea) reiterated the maintenance of the strike, which has been going on since March 21, and several demonstrations for the near future, the first scheduled for Saturday.


At a press conference, the union's management denounced that they are being threatened by the Government for carrying out the strike, which demands better working conditions and wage and social improvement for the class.

The secretary general of Sinmea, Pedro da Rosa, stressed that "it was with great surprise" that the medical class welcomed the executive's pronouncements in the face of the doctors' strike.

The Government announced this Wednesday that it will suspend the salaries of striking doctors, because "it complied with the points of the claim book" and will not fold its arms because "half a dozen doctors" understood to paralyze almost two weeks ago.

"We will not process the salaries of people who are on strike, because there has already been a lot of tolerance from the Government, we will prepare other forces and there, where there is a shortage, we will fit in, because it is the life of the citizen that is being jeopardized", said, at the time, the Minister of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security, Teresa Dias.

Pedro da Rosa said that he wants Minister Teresa Dias, as well as the Minister of Health, Sílvia Lutucuta, have always been part of the negotiating table and dominate the demands of doctors.

"They know perfectly well that doctors defend the improvement of working conditions in all health units across the country, especially in primary care units, there in the medical center, in the health center", said Pedro da Rosa.

According to the secretary general of Sinmea, doctors in Angola "live in perfect poverty" and compared to colleagues in the southern sub-region "they live socially neglected".

"The doctor walks, lives in a low-income house, he is unable to do what is basic from a social point of view. Doctors want to see expendable equipment and materials in emergency banks to reduce mortality rates among our population. We still have a lot of neglected deaths, which happen because we don't have the proper equipment to save that life."

"The strike is legitimate and it is useless to minimize the situation with terminology that devalues ​​doctors and with clear intentions to create division within the class", he stressed.

In turn, the president of Sinmea, Adriano Manuel, said that doctors are being threatened by the Government "solely and simply for demanding working conditions".

For Adriano Manuel, the Government's position on Wednesday shows that "it does not value the medical class (...) and above all it does not value the Angolan people".

The union leader highlighted that the first claim book was presented to the employer in 2018 and three years later another one with the same content, and to date they have not seen "the Government's willingness to improve working conditions".

"What we are asking for is not much. To give you an idea, a glucometer, a device to measure the amount of sugar in the body, in Europe it is a device that is offered in pharmacies, the Government is not able to put this in our hospitals ", said the doctor.

During the negotiations, according to Adriano Manuel, the Government alleged a lack of money for the salary increase, and the doctors suggested some sources of funding, including mandatory health insurance, which was not accepted, as well as the request for a subsidy for medicines. of chronic diseases.

"We will not accept the blackmail that the Government is doing on the medical profession, we will prefer to lose these jobs, even if we starve to death for that. If with this objective we are going to save the lives of thousands of Angolans, we will do it", he said.

Adriano Manuel stressed that the position of the employer only came to "activate the anger of the medical class", repeating that as long as there is no salary increase and improvement in working conditions, the strike will continue.

"We have a plan that we are going to start carrying out now, starting tomorrow [Saturday] we are going to have a series of demonstrations that will not stop, we will have the first one tomorrow, the next Saturday, the second one, we will have the third, the fourth and the fifth, which we will call the exodus of the medical population to Luanda, all doctors from the provinces of Angola will come to Luanda for the demonstration", he informed.


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