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'Sócia', the app that wants to sell zungueiras’s products to stay at home

The App Partner is no longer new in Angola. The application allows you to facilitate shared purchases so that prices become more accessible, taking into account the quantity. However, and aware of the state of emergency experienced in the country, the 'Partner' decided to help the zungueiras, so that they avoid going out on the street but do not lose their source of income.


The basic concept of this app is simple and appropriate to the Angolan reality. Often, at the door of the department stores, it is common to see people concentrated abroad looking for other people with whom they can share the goods and, consequently, the bill. But it is not always easy to find someone with an interest in the same product and in the same quantity.

Thus, an application emerged that allows you to share purchases with a 'partner' without the difficulties and confusion typical of warehouses. Using a mobile phone, it is possible to buy a box of fish, for example, and share costs and merchandise with two or more people, without leaving your home.

Products can therefore be purchased at the wholesale price, but in retail quantities, saving time and money. The platform also enables deliveries and payment facilities.

However, and taking into account the state of emergency in the country, Inokri, responsible for the application, noted that many of the people who survive to commercialize the products in the informal market may have difficulties, since they must remain at home.

Thus, the app wants to help zungueiras in order to avoid the spread of the virus, without losing their source of income.

In this way, and reverting its strengths, the 'Partner' enables the female gang members to sell non-perishable food through the platform. For example, good quality preserved fruits, vegetables, etc. are accepted. Interested parties should contact the application service line at 939 950 909 and inform about their availability and product stock.

Those responsible for the application say that this is a way to connect buyers to informal sellers, reducing the chances of contracting the coronavirus.


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