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Lucapa wants to go to Lulo's 'heart' to look for origin of giant diamonds discovered in Angola

The Australian company Lucapa Diamond Company decided to invest in finding the origin of the giant diamonds that exist at the Lulo mine in Lunda Norte.


Working on a containment regime because of covid-19, the Australian company is trying to return to normal operation as soon as possible. The objective of this return to work is already defined: to find out where the giant diamonds that have been found at the Lulo mine in recent years come from.

So far, the largest diamond ever found in the country has come from the mine operated by the Australian company. The mineral was 404 carats, however, studies indicate that there are diamonds of a larger size than those found so far.

For this reason, writes Novo Jornal, the company wants to join forces and explore the entire mining potential of the site. The diamond company believes that the origin of giant diamonds lies at the heart of exploration: more than 3,000 kilometers from the surface.

According to a company note, available on its website, Lucapa Diamond Company is waiting for the rainy season to end in order to focus all its efforts on discovering the origin of the giant diamonds. To do so, the company says, it will explore the tributaries of Canguige - where the biggest "stones" of that mine were found.

Before covid-19 arrived in the country, Lucapa Diamod Company was trying to negotiate with Endiama and the government an increase in capital to be applied to the Lulo mine. However, given the current situation, the company is working with Endiama to find a profitable solution for the producers in the sector - which has been virtually at a standstill recently.

Lulo's land is known to be extremely fertile in diamonds. In 2016 the largest diamond was found nationwide, with 404 carats. The precious stone was eventually sold to De Grisogono, owned by Isabel dos Santos, for 16 million dollars. The diamond was polished and transformed into a 163 carat jewel and sold for about 34 million dollars.


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